Dr Clive Sexton
17 April 1929 - 31 December 2001
Clive with retirement present

Clive's interest in acupuncture was the inspiration for ATRAR. It is therefore fitting that he should be remembered here.

Clive was taken ill with a stroke on 27 December. After four days of gradual deterioration Clive died peacefully in the presence of his family a few minutes into 31 December.

Following training at the London Hospital and two years as a doctor in Persia Clive served the local community for over forty years. He was a GP at Rockleigh Court Surgery in Shenfield for thirty five years. After retirement he ran a weekly acupuncture clinic and worked regularly as a locum up until Christmas 2001.

He was held in high regard by colleagues and patients alike. Many people admired his kind nature and benefitted from him taking the time to listen. Clive's positive outlook in testing times greatly comforted patients, friends and relatives.

Since joining Benghazi sailing club while serving his National Service with the Royal Artillery he had a great love of sailing though little time to enjoy it. In the eighties he turned to windsufing and had his last sail on holiday in September 2001 with his wife in Minorca.